Beverly Hills Upper Lip Lift

Lip Beautification

The shape of the lips plays a far greater role in conveying beauty, youth, expression and sensuality than does volume alone. Along with the eyes, the oral region, consisting of the lips, teeth and chin have the most profound influence on facial expression.

This website is dedicated to lip beautification surgery, a unique aspect in aesthetic surgery which requires the utmost attention to detail, perfectionistic planning and appreciation of facial balance and symmetry.

Many examples of V-Y plasties, FATMA procedures, all forms of lip lifts as well as volume augmentation and laser resurfacing to diminish the stubborn lip wrinkles can be seen in the Gallery of
Dr. Randal Haworth is one of the world's first and foremost leading experts of this guiding principle of shape before volume. Indeed, lip reshaping surgery is one of his many specialties as a master plastic surgeon of the body and face in Beverly Hills, California.