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Lower Lip V-Y Plasty

A Lower Lip lift incorporating V-Y plasties or other tissue rearrangements helps solve the difficult problem of the aging lower lip. An aging lower lip manifests itself as a lip that flattens in shape, thins while turning inward towards the teeth (except in times if a weak, underdeveloped chin is present as well) and drops downward to expose the lower teeth (the opposite effect of a dropping upper lip).

Through a simple operation involving minor muscle tightening and rearrangement of the tissue located just inside of the lower lip, the above effects can be significantly lessened. However, complete correction with any current technique is heretofore near impossible.

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Surgery Specifics

  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Anesthesia: Local or IV sedation ("twilight sleep")
  • Sutures: All sutures are dissolvable therefore none need be removed
  • Recovery time: Some noticeable swelling for 2-3 weeks making the lower lip protrude more than normal.
  • Scar healing: No visible scarring since all the incisions are done inside the mouth
Dr Randal Haworth
Lip surgery is one of Dr. Randal Haworth's specialties. In fact, he is one of the premier pioneers of lip shaping procedures, having performed his techniques on thousands of patients around the world.

As our faces age, so do our lips. The oral region tends to droop and sag just as faces and breasts do. Volume loss is only part of the explanation for this phenomenon; the main culprit is a degradement of the structure of the skin and its supporting tissue.
Dr Randal Haworth

Dr Randal Haworth

Characteristics of Youthful Lips:

  • Plump contour with 4-5mm teeth showing when the mouth is at rest
  • Width of the lips as measured from corner-to-corner is no more than double the width of the nostrils
  • The thickness or height of the middle aspects of the lower lip is twice to thrice of the corresponding area of the upper lip
  • Proportional distance between upper lip and nostrils
  • Corners that slightly turn up naturally
  • Firm lower lip with plump pout confined to the center third to half of the lip only
  • Precise definition between vermillion border and the smooth surrounding skin around the mouth ("white roll" or labial ledge)