Beverly Hills Lip Specialist


Dr. Randal Haworth of Beverly Hills is considered one of the world's foremost experts in aesthetic plastic surgery of the lips and perioral region.

His patients come from all corners of the globe to seek out his skills to transform and or rejuvenate not only their lips but all other aspects of their face. As a master specialist of facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty, Dr. Haworth is known for his exceptionally keen sense of aesthetic balance and proportion.

Naturally sensual upper and lower lips against the backdrop of a healthy set of teeth play a vital role in facial expression and communication. They impart subliminal cues in terms of health, hygiene, youth and sexuality.

Any abnormality or defect in this facial area may have lasting the deleterious psychological implications, making aesthetic surgery of the lips one of the most challenging aspects of all plastic surgery.
If success in rhinoplasty is measured by the millimeter, success in lip surgery is measured by the quarter millimeter. Indeed, most external lip surgery performed by Dr. Haworth is performed under magnification.

One of the reasons why Dr. Haworth has earned his reputation as a lip surgery specialist in Beverly Hills is that he places most emphasis on shape as opposed to volume when it comes to designing a beautiful set of lips.

Whereas other plastic surgeons only offer volume augmentation as a way of enhancing the lips, Dr. Haworth has a complete arsenal of unique aesthetic lip procedures with which he customizes a surgical plan for each patient. In the same way that a breast lift will play a far greater role in rejuvenating a drooping breast than a simple breast implant would alone, appropriate lip lifts, when properly performed, will have a far greater impact in rejuvenating the lip area as opposed to just simply adding volume by itself.